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Promoting happy healthy skin, 행복한 건강한 피부를 추진

Promoting happy healthy skin, 행복한 건강한 피부를 추진.


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Promoting happy healthy skin, 행복한 건강한 피부를 추진


At Dahbudda we want women to feel super beautiful and happy in their natural skin. Maybe even get women to not really wear make up as much or at all. (gasps!) lol but really when you work on keeping your skin great and natural on the outside who needs anything else. These dahbuddas overtime will fade scars, brighten skin and keep it moisturized, you know all the good stuff.

Dahbudda에서 우리는 여성들이 자연의 피부에 매우 아름답고 행복한 느끼고 싶다. 어쩌면 정말 전혀 많이 또는 만들어 착용하지 않는 여성을 얻는다. (gasps!) LOL하지만 정말 당신이 무엇을 필요로 외부에 피부에 좋은 천연 유지에 작업 할 때. 이 dahbuddas 초과 근무는 모든 좋은 물건을 알고, 흉터 퇴색 피부를 밝게하고 촉촉하게 유지합니다.

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Kiwi Whip Dahbudda, 키위 채찍 Dahbudda,


Kiwi Whip is made with real kiwis, Coconut oil and limes and a little bit of peppermint oil. Just like Limona its super light in feel but have a far more sweeter tropical scent.

키위 채찍은 실제 키위, 코코넛 오일, 라임, 박하 기름 조금으로 구성되어 있습니다. 그냥 느낌에 자사의 초경량 Limona 같은 있지만 훨씬 더 달콤한 열대 향기가있다.

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Limona body Butter at Dahbudda


New Limona is now for sale, Made with only Lemon, limes Coconut oil and peppermint oil. This butter is light refreshing and cooling. You’ll love the lemons and limes used in this dahbudda because its great for lightening dark areas on the skin, such as around the mouth, under arms, elbows and knees. If use in the hair the peppermint oil will keep a great scent in your hair and give it shine. The coconut oil will give your hair shine too, but will bring the property of strength to the hair. Please buy the all vegan body butter dahubudda to see for yourself. your skin will be happy you did.